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I’m delighted to say that is my first blog. I’m actually terrified at the prospect of being able to write and have it viewed. My writings are normally kept private but I’ve always wanted to give blog-writing a go. So when I heard it’s quite easy and completely possible to set up a blog my first thought was ‘Let’s do it!’. My second thought was ‘How the hell do I do it?’ Cue the confusion and the many days of sleepless nights poring over websites and researching how to create a blog.

I make it sound hard. For me, though, venturing out to try something new used to be a big challenge for me. I always had trouble trying something new. Mainly because I had my routines and I liked to stick to them, even though they were crushing my soul. Dead relationships, soulless jobs, lack of purpose. Life has a sharp edge to it and it’s fine enough when you’re gliding gently over it but if you get caught on it and cut deep enough it resonates. Made me reclusive. And it felt like I was drowning in something I had no control over.

So I had to find a purpose. And I did. It came to me last year, in the form of a new business venture. But it didn’t feel like I was doing enough. It was great! I loved every second of it, I still do. But I felt I had to reach out to people in different ways. To help in different ways. We all have problems. We all have DIFFERENT problems. So my thinking was how the hell do I help people with different problems and still get to do my thing? That’s where this blog comes into it.

I wanted to create a space where I could reach out and talk about different things that plague us in our waking lives. So that we can find solutions to our problems. I’m creating this space for us, for me to help you find your path, whatever that may be. I may feel feminist one day. I may decide to turn into an Agony Aunt. No matter what, my theme remains the same. It’s all about helping you find your power. Even if its a nice word, an inspirational quote, that kick up the arse you’re looking for. I’ll do it.

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